Anal Extrem Part1

2019-07-15 Bizarr Lady Alice CBT, Femdom, Fisting
  • 11:02 minutes
  • HDTV
  • TOP rating

The house slave really has the nerve to hide behind the curtain and to listen to his mistress on the phone and even to jerk off, that screams just for the heaviest punishment. For the masturbating he first gets a ring with inner needles put on, should his penis become stiff again or just a little he has a huge problem. Afterwards he is gagged first of all, his moan the mistress does not want to bear and what he has to say does not interest anyone anyway. And that he will roar and scream immediately is clear because now follows an ass rip, up to the double fist. That his mistress then used his balls and his poor "needled" dick then even as a punching bag is only mentioned on the side.