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Punishment for his small dick

Now your are total helpless fixed on the Chair and I am going to whip your cock. I am going to start here, with the shaft. ... I will be whipping every single inch of your cock, until your small cock and balls are total blue. You will beg me for mercy Slave for sure!!! And when I am finished with the Whip i will pump the Painfully Meet hard again and will stick a Dilator inside to shock the little brick with electricity. Now you can start to cry... 

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The celebration of pain Part1

The Celebration of Pain Day is orderd for Sklave "WeichEi" from his Goddess Lady Cheyenne de Muriel. At the beginning of the Session he must crawl on all 4 in front of her and She show him his present for this day. A leather strap with sharp metal spikes on her leather boots. This nice tool find over the session a lot of times the right target. His cook and his balls! But not enough he get lots of hard face slaps as soon he is helpless bound to the trestle and then comes the whip. the only target for the hard strokes are of course also his cook and his balls again. The good news is the slave have no chance to escape so he must endure this unbelievable sadistic treatment without any mercy. 

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A absolute kinky Game

Absolute no chance to Escape has the Slave. With extreme tied up balls and a Steel Plug in his ass he and his Dick are completely under the control of his Mistress. Then follows a ultimate cruel teasing session for him and his big Cock. If he can come or not decides only the Mistress.  

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Two Slave Used

Syonera in a real Goddess session with 2 slaves. Facessitting on Slave NR.21, she f. him to swallow her flavours panty and takes his breath away to stimulate his horniness. She abu**es his dick and his bound testicles with Electricity and her sharp nails while slave Nr.10 must massage her beautiful feet and has to watch the cruel treatment. But not enough, cause then she decide that she will use now the helpless Slave as her personal Toilet 

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The Husband from my Girlfriend

Last night I had stayed with my girlfriend Kate, when I woke up in the morning she was already at work. My way into the bathroom was a real surprise then, because her husband was waiting there gagged and bound at the Shower Cabin. Ok, perhaps he wait not for me but it dossent matter I will take this opportunity to live my sadism out. The poor fellow was quite good for me. And I think I have to send my girlfriend Kate a SMS and thank me for the nice gift. 

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Herrin Mara & Lady Whipped - Absolute submission

An extremely sadistic submission must suffer this slave. After he has been released from the cage, his an nice CBT waits for him with hot wax before the mistresses remove the Wax again with there whips. After that, one of the most evil instruments of film history will be used. A medieval morning star. The slave yells and pinches in pain as this is slowly drawn over his dick. Of course, he also gets something to drink, directly from the Mistress Pussy ... and at the Final he get merciless Fucked! 

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Mistress Mina - You must eat your own cum

On my first visit to Amsterdam 3 slaves made a appointment with me. Well, the first one had the nerves to cancel the meeting at the last moment! I didnt want to waste my time so my private property, Slave T. which had the honour to follow me on this trip as my luggage carrier was in trouble. As he stands totally useless in the studio I thought I could release my anger on him and get some pleasure in the mean time. Bound like a parcel with a mouth spreader wide open he was first allowed to clean my ass with his tongue and lick my pussy Juicy ...I pushed him into it 2 times shortly before his orgasm. Indeed sometimes I have mercy thats why I allowed him to come... Well, however, what he has not expected and certainly not wanted was to lick and swallow his own sperm. Cause anyhow I need to be a little mean in any circumstances and any sessions.  

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Lady Estelle - Dev Maso (Part2)

Now comes the No Vanilla time for my slave. I use a special penis wood squeezer with spikes and connect his painfully nipples with this tool. Then i sit on the face from the slave and he must wank his dick what him extremely hurt while i play with his nipples. He was crying like hell and i enjoy it so much to do this to him and his small dick.  

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Lady Estelle - Slave Dev Maso (Part1)

Slave Dev Maso is back for an other cruel session by Lady Estelle. She looked his cock up 4 Weeks ago and you can imagine how horny he is. But before she release him from his chastity he and his painfully balls had do endure a lot of nasty treatments inc. Ball Slapping, teasing, electric play... to be continued 

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Syonera von Styx - First Time a Slave (Part2)

Slave Peter fall more and more in obedience to his goddess. So he must get his first sing and she shave his cook and balls. This he must do now permanent for her. Next comes the order to be her Toilet! A very hard examination for him but there is no mercy for him at all when his goddess have a wish. At least hi is allowed to wank his dick with his tongue in the ass hole from his goddess!  

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La Femme Fatale - No Pain No Gain

A completely classical education Session. inc. Facesitting, whipping, clamps, hot wax, anal, strapon, and a orgasm at the command from his Misstress get this small dicked slave from his Mistress. This degradation he will remember for a longer Time  

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Syonera von Styx - First Time a Slave (Part1)

Peter Z. want to live his devotion dreams and want to be a Slave, so he need a first time femdom introduction. In his new live he will be the permanent living ashtray for his Mistress and the High Heel and Feet cleaner and spitting box. Soon he understand that his new live is now on the Leash and on all 4 used by his Mistress. 

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Mistress Yaszzy - You must lick Me now!

My worthless slave had birthday today and of Course he get a gift. He is allowed to lick my holes. I must say he do not made a bad Job, And of course this treatment with my ass on his face made him extremely horny. So my first Orgasm I have pretty fast. But if I let him come under my ass is an entirely different question . 

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Lady Estelle - EXTREME (Part2)

The Slave was able to satisfy his goddess but with his own orgasm he flopped. So it is time for a rigorous corporal Punishment. His ass and his cock and Balls get whipped without any Mercy until everything is red, blue and green. To sit without pain or to wank his dick he can forget for the next time! 

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Syonera von Styx - CBT and Facesitting

My slave 13 was again disobedient. The draws course a hard penalty. So I lock up his cook in the Pillory and some hard slaps to him. Hot wax shod cool him down in the painful way. Then i bring him up again as he is allowed to lick my feed. The session ends for him with his nose in my ass ... 

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Lady Estelle - EXTREME (Part1

A trip into real nasty sadism and masochism bizarre fetish for real extreme lifestyle lovers. Lady Estelle push the limits from the slave to the max. In the first Part he have exactly 5 Minutes Time to fuck his mistress with the mouth gag plug to a orgasm and wank his self to one. If he loose the Punishment will be the hell on earth for him. 

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Gräfin Patrizia - Used bei Mistress

Really mean used by his mistress is Slave 86 in this session. Defenseless fixed in the spiders net he hangs there while she Slapping his face and then his cock and balls comes in the game. Stilettos burrow into his delicate meat and hot wax on his Dick stimulates the metabolism . He whines and begging but nothing helps. At the End his ass is off . Mercilessly he will be fucked by his goddess. 

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Lady Lara - The LIVE Chat

This is virtual reality Sex at its finest. You can see Lady Lara at a special Web Cam Session. She is sitting with her naked ass and pussy on the slaves face while he get fucked total helpless tight up by a machine in his ass. The Chatter’s can pay to watch the show and are allowed to give wishes and commands what Lara shod do with the poor slave. So this slave is really used as a pay slave…. 

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Mistress Zita - A night at the Hotel

My slave had the desire that I come to visit him at a hotel in Budapest . With pleasure !!! His second wish was that he can spend this night without his chastity Device... Also With pleasure !!! ... but !!! Too bad for him that he can not see me and my super sexy outfit under his Mask Smile. After he was allowed to lick my sweet ass he lands tied up as a package on the bed! Finally the redeeming orgasm he believes ? Well but unfortunately I had not this in mind and at the moment when he wants to shod his load I stop wanking his hard dick. Now awaits him a long night tight up in Bondage, with big balls and now chance to get a Orgasm. With pleasure!!!  

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Lady Estelle - Hard Bondage Hard Dick (Part2)

The slave would love to cum and have an orgasm but unfortunately this only orgasm gets the mistress . She shoves him a dildo gag in his mouth and rides with all enjoyment herself to her climax. For the ultra horny slaves remains at the the end only hard slaps to his painful big ball and the dick. Now he knows what a real sex slave victim is! 

 Laufzeit  10 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD

Lady Estelle - Hard Bondage Hard Dick (Part1)

The Mistress like her victims completely defenseless , therefore an extreme bondage for the slave is now announced. The Slave must wank over the hole procedure his dick to increase his horniness. Then the mistress sit on his face and starts to jerking the painfully hard cock by herself. What awaits the slave and his horrible painfully big balls next? 

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Syonera von Styx - Extreme dick and nipples play

Helpless fixed on a cross the slave must stand a hard dick and nipples play. His dick is locked at the pillory while his goddess treats him with hot wax all over. The nipples get a very hard treatment… and as ever: Goddess Syonera von Styx have no mercy at all with him and his cock! 

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Lady Isis - You can come only when i want it.

A unbelievable unfair milking game has this horny slave to endure during this session, He is crazy for horniness but not allowed to come, only the Mistress have the Power to release him from his big balls but she like more to play sadistic games with his poor dick. 

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Lady Vic - Gruppen Drill Part 2

The Mistress has ordered 3 Slaves for a Group domination to her dungeon. As more the delinquents suffers as more satisfied is the Mistress. The slaves get used as Human Ashtray, there cooks and balls must endure CBT and a nice Bull Whip is also Part of the Game 

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Lady Lara - Face Fuck

What a Nasty treatment for the Slave, Nr. 56 Looser must stay the session in Chastity while the lady fucks his mouth and tease his looked up dick more and more.... then he must lick here Pussy. At the end the only one who get a orgasm is of course the lady and the locked up stud have the honour to be her Toilet.  

 Laufzeit  10 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Lady Vic - Group Education Part 1

The Education from 3 Slaves is a Femdom Masterpice with Lady Vic. Watch there training and how they must endure a lot of sadistic Treatments. (to be continued... )  

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Lady Manuela - A Hard Session for My Slave

Today I am in mood for a very sadistic and wicked game with my Slave. I begin with a lovely CBT and nipple treatment, furthermore my slave is allowed to clean my leather boots with his tongue and then he has the honour to smell my pussy while I treat his nipples again. He gets so horny from this treatment that he asks me if he is allowed to jerk off his dick. I give him permission but first he must come clother to my Pussy again. Verry Close... smile 

 Laufzeit  26 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Mistress Zita - A very painfull Orgasm

An extremely common treatment is awaiting my slave; first I’ve finally release him from his Chastity device after 25 days, but only for a brief moment. By himself he can unfortunately not reach his dick because of the awkward position in the straitjacket and when he is just about to splash, comes the wicked pain with the pinwheel. “AUUTSCH, as is common but also increased” ... and all of this even when I am sitting on his face ... With lust explosion the useless slave pig would love if only he could ... smile! What he can expect is to have the most wicked orgasm of his life. 

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Julia Pink - How to made a Slave Crazy (Part 2)

Erotic Super Star Julia Pink knows what her Slave needs. In her world of fetish she hold the ultimate trump card and the big balls from her slave. Absolute helpless in his Straight Jacket the slave get a very horny treatment from her and Julia her Orgasm. Facesitting, Ass licking, Wanking and much more. 

 Laufzeit  14 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD

Julia Pink - How to made a Slave Crazy (Part 1)

Erotic Super Star Julia Pink knows what her Slave needs. In her world of fetish she hold the ultimate trump card and the big balls from her slave. Absolute helpless in his Straight Jacket the slave get a very horny treatment from her and Julia her Orgasm. Facesitting, Ass licking, Wanking and much more. (to be continued... ) 

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Baroness Mercedes - Guilty Plea

The Deliquent was delivered by his wife to me, she thinks he is cheating her, what do not appear entirely unjustified . Course of my sadistic treatment, the truth will be find at least as I start to concern myself with his cock and balls all resistance is gone. 

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Madame Katerina - A Nasty Game


 Laufzeit  25 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Mistress Anita Divina & Goddess Ella Kross - 2 Ladies Play

This horny slave has the honour to serve 2 Mistresses. They use him as there facesitting pillow, tease and wank his dick, play very sadistic with his nipples and at the end he must shoot his load at there command while he lick the ass and pussy of his mistress clean.  

 Laufzeit  22 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Lady Vic - The RED Shoe

This is the first part of a very nasty and sadistic game. The two slaves are bound together joined by their balls. The challenge for both of them is to reach the red shoe from the lady a half meter away from them. But closer one gets to the shoe more tension and pain he feels in his cock and balls. In the mean time Lady Vic is showing no mercy with both of the pathetic slaves. She whips their butts and teases their cocks in order to get them to perform better, and both of them know very well that the loser will definetely get a very serious thrashing. 

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Mistress Zita - Art of Domination Part2

How to made my slave crazy about horniness. 30 Minutes Orgasm Control. In the second part use a pin-wheel and clamps to bring his horniness ever down when he is short in front of a orgasm...  

 Laufzeit  10 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD

Mistress Zita - Art of Domination Part1

Today we bring you one of the most beautifully Dominatrix of the World to Dominated Men. Mistress Zita from Budapest / Hungary. Enjoy her art of sensual domination. In the first Part we start with a nasty teasing of the slaves dick and his nipples To be continued... 

 Laufzeit  16 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD

Cheyenne de Muriell - Severe Caning

The beautiful Lady Cheyenne de Muriell will show no mercy for the slave ass today! Time has come for a severe caning punishment experience! 

 Laufzeit  17 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  HD

Madame Katerina - Your Balls are mine!

The Mistress loves to whip the slaves ass. As the buttom is blue and red she take care about his small dick and the balls. 

 Laufzeit  10 Min Format  MP4 Video Auflösung  DVD


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